RAPE! (1)

Pussy be rampant.  They be so much pussy at this school they has to haul in dicks from out of town just to fuck it all.  The female-to-male ratio be something like three to one.  On weekends, guys be drivin’ in from Youngstown, Abilene, as far away as Dexter.
Girls want dick.  They is drooling for it.  Eighteen-year-old hunnies with nothing better to do than spread and get a hot spike in they cooch.
School is just a pretense.  No one care about classes or grades.  In class we get our dicks sucked while the prof is doin’ his thing.  I once came in this girl Jenny’s hair while she sucked me off in Intro to Philosophy 101.
The main way to get pussy be in the club.  Get a bitch drunk, go to her place, fuck her.  She wake up in the morning like what the hell happened to me, her cooch aching like she had a rolling pin up there.  She ask her girlfriends, and they be like, “You remember that one guy?  You took him home.”  Then you fuck her friends.
Bitches love dick.  They is no question about it.  Some bitches pretend they ain’t into all that—but they is.  Trust me, they is.
I met this one bitch, she likes to have two dicks inside her at once.  She told me this when I was fucking her.  So me and my buddy James fucked her.  Two dicks in her pussy at the same time!  That girl had a big cooch.
Sometimes I like to bring a gun with me to a girl’s house and stick that in her when she’s passed out.  With the bullets in it and everything.  I like to think about what would happen if I pulled the trigger, that bullet would go up through her pussy and through her cervix and up through her baby-making pouch and then through her lungs and out her head.  I want to cum like that, through a bitch’s head.
I like to cum in a bitch’s mouth when she asleep.  Get her nice and stoned and then get on top of that bitch like I’m ridin’ a zebra.  Then stick my dick in her mouth and rub it against her gums.  I like when a bitch has good dental work.  You can get off just by rubbing on her cheeks.  A bitch’s tongue rolls back when she’s passed out.  But the inside of a bitch’s cheeks is soft as hell.  You can cum there.
When a bitch is passed out, you have to hold her down a bit because she’s not completely passed out.  Somewhere, below the twelve Jägermeisters, that bitch is still awake.  She got certain reflexes intact.  She can still kick your nuts when you’re on top of her.  So you grab her neck and choke that bitch a little.  Her eyes will go gray.  Then you know you got her ready for some prime, prime fucking.
Bitches love fucking.  Some act like they don’t, but those are the ones that need it the most.  Quiet ones.  The friend of the friend with the librarian glasses.  She’s fantasizing about me giving it to her, from the first moment she sees me.  You know she is.  She goes home and jerks off that little cunt thinkin’ about my cock sliding into her and ticklin’ her inside parts.  The cute librarian ones need it the most.
I once met this girl who didn’t want me.  She acted like she didn’t.  I got her drunk and fucked her with my gun in her mouth.
But mostly they easy going.  They want you to come over.  That’s one rule.  Never bring a bitch to your place.  Always go to hers.  You don’t want that bitch tracking you down.  Plus that’s part of the thing: you want to cum on her sheets, let her pussy juice make a wet spot in her bed.  It helps me get off when I’m in the girl’s bed.
I usually like to steal a girl’s panties.  I keep ‘em in a jar, squished down real tight, as a reminder of all the places I’ve been.  I keep ‘em on my desk, as an example to less fortunate males.  Males who don’t get pussy.  Males who are into “relationships.”
Some males think that females are out of they reach.  They do they pathetic little to reach them.  They text.  They call.  They play out the little games they mother taught ‘em and hope that will get ‘em laid.
There are only two ways to get laid: get her drunk or have her like you.  The first is foolproof whereas the second is hit or miss.  If you wait around for a girl to like you, you could be waitin’ a long time.  When you get a bitch drunk, results are immediate.
You go out with your boys, looking sharp in a nice shirt or something.  Hair slicked back, plenty of product.  (Bitches like product.)  You select a nice club preferably on State Street.  Then you sit back and wait.  The bitches will be on you like peanut butter on jelly.  When they dance, you might be tempted to go to them.  But don’t.  Bitches like when you stay put.  You watch them dance.  You check out the way they move.  You think: is this the kind of bitch who is likely to have a live pussy?  Is she likely to be too stuck up?  Too resistant to force?  Does she have mace?  Watch the warning signs.  A bitch who thinks too much is likely to have friends who think too much.  You want an academic bitch, no doubt—where’s the fun in fucking a dotard?  You want a bitch in high-level classes but who likes to drink like your uncle.  A bitch who likes to party too much for her own good.  A bad bitch.  A bitch who likes to get in trouble.
The best is a submissive bitch.  Who sucks your dick as soon as you in the dorm room, kneelin’ on the floor and shit.  Fuck, I love when a bitch sucks my balls.  Because you know they don’t want to do that shit.  But the fact that they’ll do it anyway, with all that hair in they mouth..well..some bitches are truly desperate for cock, what can I say?
I tells you about a girl named Mary.  Mary be’s a freshman, she has they librarian glasses and everything.  True scholar.  I mean seriously, she was like a Rhodes Scholar or something.  Biology major.  About 5’2”.  Big-ass titties.  Mary comes up to me in the dorm.  Asks me if I’ll lick her pussy.  I said, Mary, you know I’m not going to lick your pussy.  She says Why not.  I say, Because, I can smell your nasty pussy from here and I don’t lick stinky pussy.  She says she’ll wash it, and come back, and will I lick her pussy.  So I said, Ok, you wash it, and I’ll meet you in your room in half an hour.  So half an hour passes.  I peruse some porn I have on my computer to try and get in the mood—nothing special, just some video of a woman getting fucked by a horse.  Then I go up to Mary’s room.  Knock on the door.  She answers in some sort of nineteenth-century neglige, like we’re going to make love or something.  I said Mary this isn’t that kind of party.  Then I pull out my gun.  I put it in her face and I say, “Get down on your knees and suck my cock.”  She says, “Is this a joke?”  And I say, “No, do you wanna get shot in the head?”  So she sucks my cock.  I get hard.  Then I say, “Mary, get on your stomach on the floor, I’m gonna fuck your ass.  Have you ever been fucked in the ass before?”  She says no.  I say, “Well, you’re gonna like this.  Just like opening presents on Christmas morning.  Don’t scream too loud or I’ll shoot you in the fucking head, understood?”  That’s my story about Mary.
Mary I fucked in the ass.  But I’m almost exclusively a pussy man.  Ass fucking is more of a novelty to me, something to do when you don’t even respect a girl enough to fuck her cunt.  I like a pussy that’s nice and clean, no hair, though I’ll fuck a hairy pussy—in a pinch.  I prefer big pussy lips, no roast beef, nice and tight and plenty of moisture on the inside but no drips.  Keep that shit to yourself, you don’t need to be flowing all out on the sheets and shit.
I like to spank a pussy with a fly swatter, to fatten it up before I fuck it.  Get that pussy red with some hard spanks.  Then spit on my hand, stick my fingers inside it, then come in with the dick, spreadin’ those lips with my dickhead, then sweet, sweet fucking.
You might disagree with my style of fucking.  For instance, you might prefer the girl to be awake.  But I prefer ‘em passed out, high on Jägermeister, with their legs spread and my gun in their mouth, finger on the trigger so that I could accidentally shoot them through the skull in a moment of passion.  I like to hold back a little, stop a few times right before I cum so the cum builds up and shoots up into they cervix like a bullet, just like a bullet from a gun.
Fucking is good.  I know a lot about fucking.  You could say I’m sort of a specialist.  When it comes to smacking a pussy with a fly swatter, those are just some of the tricks I can teach you.  I know a lot of tricks, and someday maybe I can tell you about those, but to tell you the truth my favorite trick is getting a girl to fuck me when she really don’t want to.

(from RAPE! by Matthew Temple)


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