The Red Room

call me wound that never heals & we will meet in my bedroom & i will show you what happens to the perception of time what happens to our concepts of desire what happens to power in my bedroom (Penny Goring, Ornamental Vagina. Illustration: L.W.Eden, © copyright 2015)



I considered myself

with my many rooms

my chambers

and closets

For everyone I hold a key

thought I

till the day

you revealed to me

the key

to a door

whose existence

had escaped me.

Indescribably at ease

you slide

you turn

and enter…

A magnificent chamber

whose virginity

astounds both you and me

Lips hand-in-hand, as


We bathe in the

lush, the


crimson walls

in the light

of complicity’s opiated


of a glutinous sin

that is not

to be called such…

Our meeting point, our playroom

an exquisite discovery:



unwittingly though

Where do you go


quicken your step?

will you leave me here


Though drowned in the heat of red

I shall shiver

with cold

if you leave me


Stay awhile…

Force me not

to live

with such deliciousness

blanched by dustsheets

my velvets untouched:

my chamber

Furnished yet


( from The Red Room )

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