Thought out. Fought back

We all have the answers to our questions, tho questions should not be confused with problems.

Problem: how sure are you that you’re asking the right questions?

If you’ve never asked the question, I guess you’ll never know…



JBS thinking in Berlin b:w(J.B.Simon by P.I. Copyright © 2014)


‘This is quite simply one of the most extraordinary and brilliant books I have ever read. Dark, disturbing, and forensically brilliant at dissecting twenty-first century sexuality. It has everything Anais Nin and Brett Easton Ellis have, wrapped up in the same incredible package.’

‘This goes beyond erotica, beyond the culturally censurable. It is sheer beauty as was Henry Miller at his most liberated.’

I don’t know what tablets you’re taking, but do, please, keep taking them. They seem to be working wonders. If you can get them on the NHS, please let me know.’

‘a D.H. Lawrence type moment.’


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